Fun Fall Resolutions


With fall creeping around the corner, it is a good idea for some new resolutions to turn over a new leaf. We make resolutions every January so why not revaluate them in the fall!

Here are a few resolutions I have in mind for myself that might interest you.

1)   Take the time to do what YOU love: Fall is my favorite season because of the crisp, cool weather so I am going to take the time to enjoy it. I will take the time to go to more football games (both OSU and The Dallas Cowboys)- Go Cowboys! So, whatever you love about fall; take the time do spend time doing what you love this season!

2)    Positivity is key: I am not a negative person but I do find myself from time to time complaining about all the small problems in life- tests, bad drivers or the weekend staff at McDonalds. Wow, not good! But, this Fall I am going to try my best to stay more positive and focus on all the beautiful things about fall. Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

3)   Learn something new: I know I am always learning something new in class each week but this month I want to pick up a few educational books or learn new words from the dictionary on my own time. There are so many neat things in life I have yet to learn, so why not better myself now while I am sill young. I always have thought we can never have too much wisdom!

Thanks for reading my resolutions! Enjoy fall!


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