Orange Out


Oklahoma State University has the best homecoming in the nation. I might sound biased because I am a student here but we are most widely known across the country for this tradition. What makes our homecoming the greatest is all of the orange spirit from both the students and alumni. Fraternities and sororities pair up to build large decks on the lawns of their houses for the homecoming theme. This year the theme is, “Where your story began.”

Homecoming weekend begins each year on a Friday evening with the “walk around.” This is for the Greek houses to showcase their decks that they have been working on from August until homecoming in October. Being a Greek student, I am always excited for this night to arrive so we can show off all of our hard work.

The following Saturday morning there is a “Sea of Orange” parade that involves floats and the Stillwater marching band. Later on is the game in the evening that is played in the infamous Boone Pickens Stadium.

OSU’s homecoming is the greatest and I am proud to call myself a Poke. This year Homecoming begins Friday October 28 starting with the walk around on University Street. But, if you are in Greek life it truly starts Thursday the 27th with all night pomp.

Come out Saturday October 29 and orange out so we can BEAT Baylor!


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