The iPhone 4S


As soon as the new iPhone 4S was released I had to go get it. Yes, I was in deed one of those crazy people who waited in line for this thing as soon as it hit stores. After retiring from my old iPhone 3, I am extremely satisfied with my new iPhone. Here is some information about why you should buy one too!

A few reasons why I love the iPhone 4S is that the camera is new and improved into a 8-megapixels. Why even carry a digital camera anymore when your phone can be just as great and have a LED flash? Not to mention its slim and gorgeous body, but it also has unlimited data, retina display and tons of accessories displayed. But, the top reason why I love the new iPhone 4S is because the handy Google voice application. Anytime I have a quick question from anything to weather or restaurant reviews, my voice app is right there, ready to use at the touch of a button. Sometimes I have a little too much fun with it and ask it awkward questions. Lets just say I am easily entertained.

Overall, the iPhone 4S is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This is my pride and joy and I have absolutely no complaints about it. Well, maybe the price but it was worth every dollar that I spent. I guarantee that you will love it too!


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