5 Things NOT to do in Lubbock, Texas


This past weekend I visited Lubbock, Texas for the Tech vs. OSU football game. (We killed them 66-6.) If I learned anything this weekend, it was that Tech fans are not the most down to earth people. I think I had a sign on my back that said,” Harass this girl,” just because I go to OSU. So, here is a heads up of what NOT to do if you visit Lubbock for a football game.

1) Do NOT wear your school color(s) to the game. Especially, if your team is predicted to murder them. I was smart enough this weekend to wear black, which is a neutral color. I saw my fellow Pokes wearing orange and they were bullied like it was nobody’s business.
2) Do NOT get a Dr. Pepper shootout drink at the local bar, Chimy’s. This special drink tastes like pure Dr. Pepper with no alcohol added; when there is actually a TON. If you plan on not wanting a hangover, do not give into this craze.
3) Do NOT give a homeless person any cash because 9 out of 10 are going to just buy booze or drugs with it. And you will most likely see this purchase happen.
4) Do yourself a favor and bring a shield for your eyes while going out at night because you WILL get dust in your eyes. They do not call it the dustbowl for no reason!
5) Do NOT eat at Fuzzy’s taco shop. You WILL get sick and you WILL hate your life.

If you follow these rules while visiting Lubbock you will be golden.

Peace, Love and Go Pokes!


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