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How to be Rich in College


If you are a poor college student like me, then you are most likely always trying to take short cuts and save the little money you have. No need to worry any longer because there are great tips I have discovered that help out.

Food is the most important thing to me here in college. I must have that brain energy. If you want to eat super cheap, I have 2 important words for you. Ramen noodles.

Forget the bottled water habit and just drink good ol’ tap water. You will be surprised at how much money you save.

If you drink alcoholic beverages, then pre game before you hit the bars, a.k.a hit up other people’s parties and drink for free.

Renting textbooks is much cheaper and easier.

You will save a lot of gas if you bike, walk or skate around town. But, if you do not do any of those you can always carpool.

Ladies, just skip the nail the salon and have a girls night in and paint each other’s nails.

Join an intermural sport. It is free exercise and you will meet friends.

Many college towns have blood and plasma donation centers. You could earn up to $200 a month by doing this.

If you follow these tips then you will have more spending (saving money) and not to mention, your parents will be happy too!


5 Things NOT to do in Lubbock, Texas


This past weekend I visited Lubbock, Texas for the Tech vs. OSU football game. (We killed them 66-6.) If I learned anything this weekend, it was that Tech fans are not the most down to earth people. I think I had a sign on my back that said,” Harass this girl,” just because I go to OSU. So, here is a heads up of what NOT to do if you visit Lubbock for a football game.

1) Do NOT wear your school color(s) to the game. Especially, if your team is predicted to murder them. I was smart enough this weekend to wear black, which is a neutral color. I saw my fellow Pokes wearing orange and they were bullied like it was nobody’s business.
2) Do NOT get a Dr. Pepper shootout drink at the local bar, Chimy’s. This special drink tastes like pure Dr. Pepper with no alcohol added; when there is actually a TON. If you plan on not wanting a hangover, do not give into this craze.
3) Do NOT give a homeless person any cash because 9 out of 10 are going to just buy booze or drugs with it. And you will most likely see this purchase happen.
4) Do yourself a favor and bring a shield for your eyes while going out at night because you WILL get dust in your eyes. They do not call it the dustbowl for no reason!
5) Do NOT eat at Fuzzy’s taco shop. You WILL get sick and you WILL hate your life.

If you follow these rules while visiting Lubbock you will be golden.

Peace, Love and Go Pokes!

The iPhone 4S


As soon as the new iPhone 4S was released I had to go get it. Yes, I was in deed one of those crazy people who waited in line for this thing as soon as it hit stores. After retiring from my old iPhone 3, I am extremely satisfied with my new iPhone. Here is some information about why you should buy one too!

A few reasons why I love the iPhone 4S is that the camera is new and improved into a 8-megapixels. Why even carry a digital camera anymore when your phone can be just as great and have a LED flash? Not to mention its slim and gorgeous body, but it also has unlimited data, retina display and tons of accessories displayed. But, the top reason why I love the new iPhone 4S is because the handy Google voice application. Anytime I have a quick question from anything to weather or restaurant reviews, my voice app is right there, ready to use at the touch of a button. Sometimes I have a little too much fun with it and ask it awkward questions. Lets just say I am easily entertained.

Overall, the iPhone 4S is the best thing that has ever happened to me. This is my pride and joy and I have absolutely no complaints about it. Well, maybe the price but it was worth every dollar that I spent. I guarantee that you will love it too!

Fired Up!

Fired Up!

Recently I was given the privilege to tour my hometown’s fire department in Frisco, Texas. Thanks to my dad being on city council and being friends with the fire chief, we got a special tour. We saw the secret rooms and I even got to go inside the control room that has huge screens that show activity from all over Frisco. (It is actually really creepy how much these guys can see on a daily bases.) This room was full of tons of secrets so I was blown away. I even got some cool pictures of the place. It was everything I imagined it would be!
I have to say the one thing I learned while visiting the station was that 4 out of 5 firemen are sexy and I need to change my major. HA! Just kidding. I did learn that firemen really do not have too bad of a job. They typically week 3-4 days a week and do other things besides putting out fires. For instance, they go to schools and restaurants around town secure their safety. I enjoyed going to the fire station and learning so much about the fire industry. I had no idea firemen did other things besides put out fires. They actually have offices where they do tons of paper work. I would definitely visit again because it was such a blast and really fired me up!

My time to shine!


I was on national television!

About three years ago while watching a live taping of “The View” I was asked to introduce the one and only Anne Hathaway during a commercial segment. Yup, you read that right. I introduced THE Anne in front of MILLIONS of people on live television.
When an intern randomly asked me if I would like to do this, I was at a loss for words. I was so shocked and excited I almost peed my pants. I was so scared I was going to choke while standing in front of the teleprompter, but to my surprise and everyone else’s I did an amazing job. “The View’s,” Sherri Shepherd was standing by my side while I was in front of the camera. Not going to lie, this made me feel so much more comfortable. Anyways, to my surprise she thought I did such a great job reciting my lines on the first try. I guess those tv broadcast skills I learned in high school really paid off because Sherri offered me an internship at “The View.” I wish I could have accepted the job and moved to New York city right away, but unfortunately my mom said that would be a negative because I needed to finish school first. But, I will most likely end up interning there once I graduate.

The best part of the whole situation was MEETING THE ANNE HATHAWAY and having her tell me that I did a good job introducing her. Let me just say, she is flawless in person. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t want to look like a crazy fan.

Looking back at this experience, I could not be happier. It had to be one of the best days of my life. Meeting my favorite actress AND being on national television and doing an amazing job, is the icing to the cake. Knowing something huge off my bucket list is crossed off feels awesome.

Left to Right: My mom, Sherri and I.

Tuesday’s Thankful List


Every Tuesday I make a list of things I am grateful for. This is an easy way to stay grounded and remind myself that I have so much in life to be thankful for. I often take a lot for granted so this list is a helpful way to end that. I highly recommend this exercise to everyone! What are you thankful for? I’d love to hear.

• My amazing friends who continue to support me through all I do
• My loving family
• Apple Cider from Starbucks
• Good grades
• Singing as loud as I can in my car with my friends
• Theta pond
• Sleeping in
• Inspiration
• Puppies
• The little things in life
• Texas
• Sweaters fresh out of the dryer
• Positivity
• Friendly strangers

Orange Out


Oklahoma State University has the best homecoming in the nation. I might sound biased because I am a student here but we are most widely known across the country for this tradition. What makes our homecoming the greatest is all of the orange spirit from both the students and alumni. Fraternities and sororities pair up to build large decks on the lawns of their houses for the homecoming theme. This year the theme is, “Where your story began.”

Homecoming weekend begins each year on a Friday evening with the “walk around.” This is for the Greek houses to showcase their decks that they have been working on from August until homecoming in October. Being a Greek student, I am always excited for this night to arrive so we can show off all of our hard work.

The following Saturday morning there is a “Sea of Orange” parade that involves floats and the Stillwater marching band. Later on is the game in the evening that is played in the infamous Boone Pickens Stadium.

OSU’s homecoming is the greatest and I am proud to call myself a Poke. This year Homecoming begins Friday October 28 starting with the walk around on University Street. But, if you are in Greek life it truly starts Thursday the 27th with all night pomp.

Come out Saturday October 29 and orange out so we can BEAT Baylor!